Leed AP

Choosing the right systems and engineers are vital to the overall success of the project.


The design team and the systems you choose can determine what level of certification you will achieve. These major design decisions can have monumental impacts on the short and long term energy consumption and operational costs of your project.  Since technology and design is changing on a daily basis, we can help determine the best solutions for your project by analyzing systems and engineers who best qualify for your project's needs.

Company Overview

The LEED application and certification process applies the entire building over the life expectancy of the project. Green Street's approach is to look at the overall project and determine the multiple solutions to your long term project needs and budget.


We can provide team members specializing in architectural design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, interior design, building systems and general contractors to obtain the desired level of certification. Our process maximizes expertise and experience and allows us to work within your project's budget. Doing what makes sense is our approach.


We create energy models, determine the viability of solar energy and wind power, consult on Micro cogeneration and geo thermal systems, and are creative when analyzing energy resources and long term greenness.



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LEED Energy Consulting