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Current LEED and Green Design projects:


LEED Office Building: This core and shell office building in Orlando Florida has a target of LEED Silver. Construction has started on this 133,000 sf office building. The project was designed originally not as a LEED project. The owners contacted Green Street and asked if we help them get the project LEED certification. Green Street worked with the owner and all of his consultants and his general contractor to redesign the building to LEED standards.


It took some minor changes to the project and a team approach to redesign and currently slated for LEED "Silver" certification. Green Street consulted with a team that had a wide range of LEED experience, some of the team had no LEED experience. Green Street's work included complete LEED services; energy modeling, commissioning and project LEED facilitation.


LEED Mixed Use Building: This LEED project is located in New York City. It is the conversion of a warehouse to residential and commercial use. This exciting project is due to start construction in May of 2011. Green Street was contacted by the owner to be his LEED team for the project. His team had little LEED experience and needed guidance in every area of the project. Green Street was contracted to work with the entire project team to design the project to LEED standards.


This involved a design charrettes with the entire design team and general contractor. Green Street suggested design items for the green roof, HVAC, elevators, parking systems, irrigation needs and many other items to enhance the overall design for LEED certification.

Green Street is contracted for complete energy modeling, commissioning and all LEED online facilitation and communication with all team members on all LEED aspects of design and construction. Currently the NYC project is on track for LEED "Silver" certification. Green Street has the team that can work on your LEED project at any location.


Hotel and Indoor Waterpark: 200 room upscale hotel, 60,000 square foot water park, restaurants and banquet facilities. Uses state of the art structures and technology to increase profit, lower cost and lower carbon footprint.

10,000 SF Office Building in Springfield, MO: The building was built, then renovated with smart green design choices, now we are going to bring it thru the LEED certification process with LEED 2.2

Resort in Costa Rica: Villas/bed and breakfast in the mountains of Southern Costa Rica overlooking the Pacific ocean. Utilizes all local material, design for all-natural ventilation and lighting, bamboo and sustainable interior design, solar heating for pool.

Event Venues in New York City: The Green Street Team designed several prestigious night clubs and event spaces in New York City and Atlantic City and we are now revamping them to LEED standards for operation and interior design.


Going 'green' on your project does not have to be expensive or difficult. By determining what makes sense and using a comprehensive approach, Green Street can provide you with a winning, efficient, certified,  and feasible project.


We analyze each project and consider the level of certification anticipated, experience needed, systems allocation and provide the teams for design and LEED application and certification. Our experience across the U.S. and across the globe has given us a talent for determining the team needed for each unique project, whether it's a high rise mixed use construction, a residential renovation, or a retail project.

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