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Green Street is a team of architects, engineers, and designers that manage and focus on the LEED certification process for new construction and renovation projects. We are passionate about what we do because we believe that LEED certification has numerous benefits: sustainability, lower carbon footprint, energy savings and better overall design. We also have found that "doing what makes sense" is also a great approach to seeing the clear benefits of LEED certification in both long and short term applications.

Company Overview


We offer a unique approach to greening your project. Being a full service architectural firm with years of design experience, we offer a deeper, more academic look into each project in which we are involved.


We scrutinize every project with an architect's, an engineer's and an accountant's eye, and we can very quickly determine the major obstacles, and more importantly determine the areas where the most "greening" opportunities lie.


At Green Street LEED, we consult with developers, architects, engineers, general contractors and corporate clients. We are not the experts on any one system, but have expertise in bringing the right teams and personnel together to ensure your project's success.


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