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Commissioning has taken on an entire new meaning with LEED. We have the LEED experience to complete the LEED commissioning for your project and can commission projects anywhere in the world. Commissioning is such a valuable exercise on any project, the value of which has been shown to return double digit dividends on most projects within the first year.


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Commissioning can fulfill one of the LEED pre-requisites, but it also completes the building's creation. LEED commissioning guarantees that the building is operating at peak efficiency, which can translate to improved air quality, lower energy cost, satisfied occupants and happy owners. Through commissioning we can ensure peak performance for all systems including; lighting, HVAC, Solar, Geo-Thermal, Wind,Water efficiency and overall energy analysis. Our straightforward approach for each system combined with the building operation model will maximize your project's efficiency, while minimizing operating costs.


Commissioning makes a difference in how well the building operates and how long the state of the art systems have in their lifecycle.


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LEED Commissioning